4 tips on how to avoid feeling and looking like a scouring pad this winter...

I’m not sure about you but my #skin is already beginning to suffer with this change in weather. The increase in indoor heating and the icy cold weather outdoors means only one thing......dehydrated, flaky dry skin.....Sexy! Those of you who have particularly oily skin are lucky as you won’t feel the effects as much with your skin holding in so much moisture.
So how to save your skin this winter?
Here are my 4 top #tips
1 Double up on #moisture
Yes double up on everything. That means day cream, night cream, body cream, foot cream and whatever else you use as #moisturiser. You may need an extra five minutes in the morning for it to sink in but your skin and makeup will thank you for it. Any makeup applied is only as good as the canvas its applied on, so it’s important to have a good base.
2. Drink Up
Boring, boring but it’s that simple. We are up to 60% water and if you don’t drink enough water one of the first places it will show is your skin. There is no point paying through the nose for the most expensive lotions and potions if your basic water needs are not met as your skin will still look tired and dull.
3. Minimise the use of powder
When applying #makeup if the skin is already dry and dehydrated the last thing you want to do is draw out any more moisture. Applying too much #powder to dry skin will unnecessarily dry out the skin. Instead. only use it where needed and half the amount you apply.
4. Exfoliate
If you have dry flaky skin the only way to remove it is through #exfoliation. Moisturiser will soothe your skin but won’t remove any excess dead skin on the #face and body. If you apply makeup on flaky skin no matter what brand or technique you use it WILL show through. I always advise my clients to exfoliate once a week and then if the skin needs it increase and decrease as required. I exfoliate once a week but during the winter I increase it to twice weekly. If my skin is having a good week I will decrease it again. Excess exfoliation can have adverse affects, including breakouts so you need to exfoliate according to YOUR skins needs there is no one size fits all.
So there you have it, my 4 top tips on how to beat the scouring pad effect and look your ultimate best this festive season. x

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