How to remove and care for your shiny new lashes

Depending on the strength of eyelash adhesive used there are two methods to remove strip eyelashes.

Method one
Stretch outer corner of eyelid and gently pull eyelash from outer corner to inner corner until eyelash has come off. If there is still adhesive remaining on lid you can remove with eye makeup remover. 

Method Two
If the adhesive has a strong bond and is difficult to lift off you can use a non oily eye makeup remover on a cotton bud and gently run over the band of the lash to loosen adhesive. After the adhesive has loosened, gently roll cotton bud under lash band to lift off. 

Once they have been carefully taken off, remove any excess adhesive from eyelash with tweezers and eye makeup remover. 

Always place lashes back in packaging to keep their shape for next use. Our eyelashes are reusable up to 15-20 wears if carefully handled. x

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