Lash hack to double the life of your lashes...

Lash hack to double the life of your lashes.

Although you do get up to 20 wears out of your ZAISO luxury lashes, there is a way to double that number.

How?! I hear you ask.

Use your lash as a half lash. If you look at the picture below I have used a half lash on the outer corner of my left eye and used just mascara on my right. Can you see the difference?


By using this technique you will only be using one lash at a time, therefore doubling the longevity of your lash. This technique will only work with a certain style lash. It has to be a rounded lash so there are two equal lengthed halves, it won't work with a winged lash as you can't cut it into two equal lengths. By using this method you are actually creating your own half winged lash which will give the most beautiful lift to the outer corners of the eyes. 


How do you do it?

For this technique to work well you need to apply mascara onto your natural lashes focusing on the inner half of your lashes as this is the area which will be without a lash. Then you need to use a lash where the shortest end will blend seamlessly with the mid length of your natural lashes, otherwise there will be a step effect where your natural lash stops and the false lash starts. You apply your half lash to the outer half of your lashes and you’re done.  The effect will give the appearence of beautifully lifted, elongated eyes, perfect for day or night and you still have a fresh new ZAISO lash left in the box.


Below are a few examples of lashes that would work well with this technique...


 ZEL2                              ZEL4                               ZEL5



If you have any questions, feel free to reach out...

Enjoy the rest of your day


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