Let it grow....7 tips on growing those pesky brows back

Hello, I hope you are all keeping well. I still know my own name so that's a good sign.

This blog is based on something myself and a lot of my clients have experienced. I am one of those people who thought it was attractive to #tweeze every last brow hair leaving me with two drawn on lines. So when my clients come to me and are concerned about growing their brows for their special event I can completely empathise. Luckily, I have a fringe and this was my best friend at helping me get away with growing them. With the current situation we find ourselves in (I know this isn’t a top priority!) but now would be the perfect time to grow those pesky #brows back as no one will see.


Below I have compiled a list of tips (all of which I have tried and tested) which can help you grow those brows back ...


1. firstly, growing your brows back requires a lot of discipline. When you can feel that short juicy hair popping out of the skin that would be perfect to tweeze you have to resist the urge.


2. anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with using #coconut oil for just about everything. Whilst growing my brows back I used coconut oil twice a day, a thin layer applied to each brow where I wanted the hair to grow back thicker and it really helped. I also use it to keep my lashes thick and healthy. The coconut oil must be #organic and 100% pure with no nasties. If it’s Soil Association approved all the better


3. don’t expect your brows to grow back as they did before you #plucked them. After years of plucking you will find gaps in your brows where there is no hair. You will also find the hair doesn’t grow back in the direction it should. This is due to years of plucking ‘against the hair growth‘ rather than ‘with the hair growth’. Often times the hair can grow back but it depends on how strong the hair is and how much damage has been done.


4. if you must pluck, always pluck in the same direction as the hair growth. By doing this you will ensure that should you want to grow them back they will grow in the right direction.


5. don’t give up. They will go through a stage of looking a complete and utter mess but you have to pass this stage to get to the other side.


6. if you really can’t bare to see yourself with messy brows you can invest in a decent brow product and draw them on how you’d like them to grow back and just pluck underneath


7. another option is micro blading where brows are cosmetically tattooed using semi permanent make-up. This is great if you have gaps in your brows, if they simply wont grow back or if you are not happy with the shape of them in general. This treatment, if done correctly, can look amazing but you need to make sure you go to a highly experienced therapist. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve seen so many brows which have gone wrong. Get recommendations, check social media to see any previous work and most importantly make sure they are fully insured to carry out the treatment.


Growing your brows back can be a frustrating experience. It took me years to get my brows to how I finally wanted them but keep the faith. We might as well make the most of the time we’re in quarantine.


Stay safe, stay positive and stay home x

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