The difference a lash makes...

Here we will look at the differences between the two main types of lash. There are lots of styles but essentially these are the two main shapes.

We have the winged lash (I have used ZAISO ZEL3 on the left) and we have the rounded lash (ZAISO ZEL5 on the right)

Can you see much of a difference?
The purpose of a winged lash is to elongate and lift the eyes at the outer corners. This style creates  the ‘cat eye’ effect and helps eyes appear more almond shaped.

On the right, I have used ZEL5. This is a rounded lash. The purpose of this lash is to open up the eyes and help them appear bigger and almost doll like.

Both these lashes can be purchased in fuller and natural styles. The lash you select can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the eyes. I always like to use a lash which will complement the eye shape and makeup rather than a lash which takes over and conceals the beautifully applied makeup.

One thing which was important to create were lashes which allowed for the lid space to show through. I find this not only gives the eyes definition but looks more natural and blends better with the whole look. A lash too full can easily look heavy and drag down any beautifully applied eye makeup.

What is your preference?





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