What lash to wear with a winged liner?

So lets set the scene, you’ve perfectly applied your winged liner, now you want to enhance it with a lash. So which lash would you choose?

Here I am wearing lashes in two different styles. On the left I am wearing ZEL1, a winged lash which gives the effect of strategically placed pre made fans, allowing the eye make-up to show through and gradually flaring at the ends.

On the right I have doubled up and layered ZEL2 lash to make them fuller. This is a rounded lash which if worn alone also has strategically placed gaps allowing make-up to show through but when doubled up they create a full lash which allows for little visible lid space and a lot of volume (perfect for a glamorous smokey eye)

So which lash is best?

I know only too well how gratifying it is when you have created a winged liner which resembles a work of art and the last thing you want to do is cover it up. The purpose of a winged liner is to elongate and lift the eye, so in my opinion the lash you wear should do the same.

For this reason I would say a winged lash works well with a winged liner, however, a round lash can also work as it shortens at the outer corner allowing for the winged make-up to show. You just have to ensure the lash is not too heavy so doesn’t conceal the make-up.

How do you wear your wing?

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