What lash works best with a Smokey eye...

In the last blog I talked about what lash works with a winged liner. Here I have created a Halo Smokey eye with a sharp wing.

So what works best with a Smokey eye?

With a Smokey eye you must ensure the lash has sufficient volume and length to enhance the makeup, that is the purpose of the lash. If your lash is too natural it will just get swallowed up and concealed.

Here I am wearing @zaisocosmetics ZEL3 lash which gradually flares at the outer corners, lifting the eye and complimenting the wing whilst also having sufficient volume and length to enhance the Smokey eye.

I have seen ZEL3 lash worn by in so many different ways. Because this lash has strategically placed gaps it can also be worn with little eye makeup. It has been designed to allow for lid space to show through, therefore flatters most eye shapes.

Do you wear a lash with a Smokey eye?

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