Wouldn't my new lashes look amazing with mascara on? 3 reasons why they won't....

As tempting as it is, here are three reasons mascara is not advised on false lashes...

1. They are not designed to hold mascara
#Falselashes are designed to enhance your eyes, they are not designed to hold mascara. If mascara is applied it can very easily damage the false lash leaving it unusable. If you must use mascara it is best to use it on your natural lashes before applying your set of lashes.
2. Mascara can be impossible to remove from false lashes
Trying to remove mascara without damaging your new false eyelashes is almost impossible. There are cleansers which could help but you do need to be very careful. I advise not to get your new lashes wet as it can distort the appearance of the hairs. This is irreversible, the only solution if this were to occur would be to buy a new set of lashes.
3. They look beautiful on their own
Our #lashes are carefully handcrafted in an array of designs so you can choose anything from a minimal look right through to a glamorous look. They have been created so you don't need to wear mascara, just wearing them alone is enough to achieve your desired look.
Again, some would argue against this, and that is fine. If you enjoy applying mascara to your false lashes then continue to do so but in my experience the lashes do all the talking, no accessories needed.
We're always here to help if you have any questions.
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